Sveva’s cartoon!21 May 2020

Sveva’s cartoon!

Getting back on track after months of absence was a unique feeling.

The distance from the athletic field has led me to reflect a lot on how essential the contact and connection with your own environment are for an athlete: the sensory deprivation of the track, the landing on the sand, the thud on the mattress, the look towards the trees seen as a landmark for the throws, the gaze fixed on the sky, lying on the ground, after the feared interval training…

All these emotions, long overdue, are once again my daily routine and have made me aware of the luck to be able to return at full capacity without particular difficulties.

Out there, out of this happy place, which finally fills me with energy, there are many people and a lot of kids who will have to resume their activities with a degree of difficulty much greater than mine. They are constantly in my thoughts. This entire community needs to get back on track and I hope they’ll be able to feel soon the joy of taking an active part in this beautiful nation that I am proud to represent.

And this is the spirit that I would like us all to share.

Look forward with confidence so that what has happened can teach us something important and make us understand how relevant it is to carry out your work with honesty and foresight.

The time has come to take the healthy values ​​transmitted by sport and my beloved athletics as reference points.

Every effort, if one really believes in it, will always be rewarded: the world has never stopped! It is we who have to return to running, with even more determination and loyalty in the memory and in full respect of those who contributed with their lives to be who we are.

Today I present Sveva in comic version. A smiling Sveva who wants to explain how to return to the athletic field by respecting a few clear rules that the Federation has decided to disclose in order to make our environment suitable and safe with the new health directives.

Download and spread the cartoon in a printable pdf version!


Credits: Sandro Pizziolo