COME ON SIMONE!27 March 2021


I approached the world of Special Olympics almost a year ago and I have always been received with great warmth.  

Now I would like to give something back by making known to my environment a feat, a very important challenge which deserves to be told, for the ways and methods in which it was born.

My cartoon friend Simone Perona is running a 24-hour ultramarathon (Bi.Ultra – Biella – Italy), the first Special Olympics athlete in the world.

I got to know Simone in person in Turin, during the 2020 Smart Games award ceremony. He gave me great happiness and immediately put me at ease.  

I am an athlete and I know what it means to train, work hard, protect your body, concentrate and compete. Now we are faced with one of those athletes who really deserves to be supported.

A fantastic staff led by Charlie Cremonte, who, with great skill and experience, managed to fulfill this dream, which is unique in the world: to train Simone to run this 24-hour ultramarathon.

Simone is running in Biella on March 27 2021 and we will all be cheering for him, because thanks to his legs and his head, but above all to his desire to work hard, he can reach a historic result.

Good luck Simone! We are all with you!